Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our family

Our daughter Hannah is 8, her siste Sarah is 10. We homeschool our girls and keep busy with lots of extras. We also care for our neice, Carissa -4, and our nephew, Zachary -8, during the week, so there is never a dull moment here.
We enjoy attending church and lear all we can about Jesus. We also attend Awana, Children's choir and other fun activities as we are able.
Hannah has recently been diagnosed with health issues, so we do what we can, and don't stree over the rest. Hannah has allergies, asthma, pulmonary valve stonosis, heart murmur, sleep disorder, migranes, and CVID.
We are learning as we go. Here is some of what we know.....
Hypogammaglobulinemia -- or -- Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID)
* CVID basically means low antibody count, dysfunctional immune system and poor resistance to infection.
* Exposure to germs in daily life can produce challenges.
* Life can be semi-normal with CVID, and it can also be quite difficult.
Hypogammaglobulinemia essentially means antibody deficiency, and includes numerous primary immune deficiency disease such as Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID).

We are blessed in that the dr.'s were able to figure this out early, in 4 years.
Hannah has had her first treatment of IVIG and had no ill side affects. She is still tired, the IVIG helps her have better days. Usually there is one hard week of feeling yucky and three good weeks. For Hannah this will be an improvement, since she is sick all the time, with few good days between each sickness time. We hope that you will check back often, and that you will see Jesus through us. Have a blessed week.
Much Love and prayer's,
Lori and crew

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