Wednesday, February 11, 2009

update on Hannah

Hi Friends,
We hope that you are all doing well. We are resting at the moment, Hannah has had here infusion, and it always makes her tired, and she has started running fever. We will have to watch it and make sure it doesn't get to high.
Daddys vehicle has died, so we are using one, so we didn't go to Children's, I am going to reschedule her appointment.
We are thankful to God that it all went well today, and Hannah didn't have trouble with the needles and all. She even helped a little. She likes to try to help her infusion therapist, when she isn't upset. She teared up just a little, but then was ok, it hurts more when she is feeling bad. After the infusion was over we managed a small nature/treasure walk on our street. The girls found lots of treasures, including three keys, one broken in half, several rocks and leafs, three penny's, and a lot of trash. We enjoy getting out on nice days, and I think that it helped Hannah feel a bit better.
Well I better go, hannah needs me...
Much love and prayer's,
Lori and girls


tara @ kidz said...

Prayers and hugs being sent for you and Hannah.

beckyo said...

I'm praying for all of you and especially my little third cousin, Hannah. She looks like such a sweet girl. It makes me sad when she feels bad.

Mindy said...

Oh of course I'll keep Hannah in my prayers! Give her a hug for me =)

Lisa said...

I will be thinking and praying for you all. Hannah you are doing a great job helping with your treatments...I am proud of you..those needles hurt.