Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Hi Friends,
Hope that you are all well. We are good, we had a special blessing today, and I wanted to share... I make quilts, it takes me a bit, with all of Hannah's and my health issues. Well I had an order to make a t-shirt quilt for a friend of ours. Her son had a lot of shirts from high school and collage, and I made a really nice quilt, it was 135 x 135 and very heavy. It turned out great I think.... Well normally I charge a good amount for such a large quilt, about $130.00 - $150.00, well it took me several months to finish it, so I told the person getting it that it would be lower because of the extra time I took... Well God blessed us tremendously, she actually paid me full price, which is a blessing... God always provides just what we need. I am so blessed my cup runneth over... Hannah needs a new nebulizer, her's died, and insurance won't cover a new one for two more years, now I can get a new one without worrying. I am so glad... really I am thankful !!!
We hope that you all have a blessed weekend...
Much Love and prayer's,
Lori and crew

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Mom's Mind said...

Hi, Mama! You won the book! Please let me know where to mail it! : ) I loved your story and just had to give it to you, good job!