Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hi Friends,
We hope that you are having a blessed week so far, even though it has just started. We had a great Lord's day today, we did. We had a special singing at church, it was good, we enjoyed it so much. Hannah had a good time. She loves music. A friend gave Hannah a record, "The sound of music" she loves it, and has listened to it a lot.
We had so much fun on our trip, and learned a lot. Histroy is so much fun. We will post pictures soon.
Hannah is feeling great today, and she and Sarah even played in the rain some tonight. She and Sarah are rearanging their room tonight, they want to do something different with it. We will see how that goes.... I think I am scared of that... hehe
We hope that you all have a blessed week!
Much Love and Prayers,
Lori, Hannah, and Sarah

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Mary said...

Hi Lori! So glad you had a good day...and that Hannah got a wonderful gift of music! I think its great that the girls are rearraning their room by'll be pleasantly surprised! I've been neglecting my emails lately...just out of sorts and tired...but been thinking about you and praying for Hannah. Take care of yourself, dear Lori...God bless you all!