Thursday, October 22, 2009

weight loss....

Hi Friends,
We hope that you are all having a blessed week so far. We are well.
We do have a few new prayer request. First, our friend Maria, lives in Minasota, she is having surgery tomorrow morning, to remove her foot and part of her leg. She has diabeties. Also they will be putting in a treach tube. Her daughter lives here in Montgomery, and can not travel to be with her. Please be praying for both of them.
Second, Hannah has started to loose weight, not sure why, just that her eating is ok, and she is still drinking the ensure each day. All her pants and skirts have been altered, and I am going to have to realter them, because they are to big still.
Please be praying that this is just a redistrubution of weight, and that she will be back to "normal" soon. She weights 62 lbs currently, and really can't afford to loose much more than a few pounds.
We are keeping busy with school and awana, and children's choir at church. Sarah received two of her jewels last night. I am so proud of her. Also Hannah has earned one jewel, and soon will have number two. They are doing good.
We are going to the country tomorrow, and Hannah and Sarah are both excited about seeing the baby chickens, and the new baby ducks. It will be fun. We will try to take pictures to share.
Hope that you all have a blessed week.
Much Love and Prayers,
Lori and girls

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Mary said...

Lorianne, I will pray fervently for sweet Hannah. Whatever the reason for the weight loss, God is so much bigger, and will heal her from this condition. I wonder if you found the book "The Perfect Diet". I saw it yesterday at the health store..if you want it, I'll send it to you, just email your address to me. Glad you and the girls are going to the country...that will be so good for them...and you! Staying busy and very happy about life is so important.

I will also pray for your friend and her daughter...that is a tough thing to be facing...she will need help when she returns home, and lots of prayer. God bless her.

Seems that life just keeps throwing us these sour lemons, but when we turn our eyes upon Jesus, we can still make lemonade out of it all!

God bless you, Lori.