Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Doing good

Hi Friends,
We hope that you are all doing well. We are having a good week, learning a lot, and enjoying spending time with family.
Hannah has an adversion to meat right now, to begin with she would eat only chicken, now she won't eat meat at all, hopefully that will change in the next few days to a week. I am trying to sneak meat in here and there. She is so smart, she wants to watch me cook everything. I am praying that it is just a faze....
We are getting ready to spend the weekend in the country. I am so thankful, that God blessed us with a friend that has a farm, and that she loves company. We hwlp with food and such when we go, so hopefully it isn't a burden to have us there. We ejoy helping with the chicken's and turkey's and duck's. We are having a bonfire, roasting marchmellows and making samores again, and we are going to maybe have a hay ride, not sure how Hannah will be with her asthma, but we will try.
Today we were out running errands and found a few old trains, they were really neat, and we enjoyed looking at them, one was an old dinner train, and then a coach train, and then two old trains that were just the casing and sides. The girls and I had a buch of fun just seeing them. We did take pictures.
Hope that you all have a blessed weekend.
Much Love and prayers,
Lori and girls


Mindy said...

Trains! How exciting! We love old trains. Wouldn't it be neat to travel across country in a train. The swaying and the clickety clack. What a wonderful way to travel =)

I'll keep Hannah in my prayers!! I LOVE the picture of Anna with the HUGE pumpkins. How cute!

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