Sunday, October 19, 2008


Hi Friends,
We hope this finds you well. We are keeping busy with school and chores. We are stuck inside this week, Hannah has her infusion this week, and doesn't need to be sick for the infusion on Wed.. It will be an all day thing. If you think of us please send a prayer on our behalf. Home Health will be coming, so we won't be going to Birmingham this time. Which is a blessing. Lonnie is keeping busy with work, and we are all ready for the cold weather. Hope that you all stay warm as it gets colder. The girls and I visited some friends from the country this weekend, and were able to see how they warm their home on chilly nights. They have a wood burning stove in the dinning room, and have a heater in the den. It is cool to see the different ways to warm up. Another friend has a large fireplace and burns wood too. Then another friend uses gas to heat their heater. There are even kerosene heaters. When the girls study history they often wonder if the real heaters look like the ones in pictures, it is neat to see how they really look and work. We hope that you all have a blessed day.
Much Love and Prayer's,
Lori and crew

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