Saturday, January 3, 2009

Facing The Giants...

Hi Friends,
Hope that you are all doing well, and that the new year is off to a great start for you! We now have heat, Thank you Jesus that the weather has been so mild this week. We haven't been cold, much. It is so nice to have it working again.
Hannah is doing good, still lots of issues with her legs, they hurt her almost everytime she walks even a little. We did manage to get in a small 15 minute ride today, we took the girls over to the church parking lot, the church is across the street from our house, (not our regular attended church, just a area church) and she rode her bike for a bit, but it wasn't long before they started hurting. I am proud of her for going, even just a short time. I am trying to see how long she can go before she starts to complain. I need to be able to tell the dr. how far she can go before pain sets in. We just keep working, and as always do our best either way.
We saw a movie tonight, it was daddy, Sarah, Hannah and myself, and we spent some quiet time watching "Facing the Giants." It was on tv, and it was so good. Lonnie has not seen all of it yet, so we will be seeing about renting it soon. I love that movie, it makes me cry everytime I see it. Well worth the four times I have seen it. I love it... God is awesome! I love to see His handiwork.... The girls enjoyed it as well. They had not seen it either.
We are starting back school on Monday, my nephew Zachary will be off, so he will se how we do things here on a school day. Hannah has finished her History for the week, but will want to do more I am sure, we have been studying our family history over Christmas break, and she is facinated by it all. We are interested to learn more, I had to explain to her that it takes many months of work, and sometimes you only find a small amout of info out at a time. She is excited to see Moma Jordan (Lonnie's mom) tomorrow for lunch, she has so many questions to ask.... I can hardly wait myself...
Well better be going, it is getting late.... Have a great day tomorrow...
Much Love and prayer's,
Lori and girls


Lisa said...

I saw Facing the Giants, EXCELLENT! Especially the song in it by Casting Crowns.
Bless Hannah's heart for trying, i will continue to pray for her.

tara @ kidz said...

I have seen that movie. I loved it! This weekend we watched another good one - Peaceful Warrior.

Sounds like a fun and busy week ahead. Enjoy!