Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hannah Update...

Hi Friends,
Hope that everyone is doing well. Hannah is not feeling well this week... headaches and tummy aches as well as not wanting to eat anything. Trying to keep her hydrated. She ia also sleeping a lot. We have been trying to get school in, a little at a time. Hopefully we can ward off anything viral, she is on antiobiotics for three months, but she is still feeling bad. It has been a long week. A new issue Hannah is having is that she is having some issues with wetting herself. Each time she gets nervous or upset she has an accident. Several times she is having problems. I am not sure what to expect, so I am in a watching and waiting mode. Please keep praying, it is very upsetting to Hannah she cryes everytime it happens. She has also been wetting the bed a lot, usually that is a sign that she is getting sick again... waiting is something we are working on, it is so hard. We have given this all to God, and we know Hannah is in the palm of God's hand... waiting is a challenge for us sometimes. I am so glad that we have Jesus to help us through this daily, I don't know how the unsaved do it alone.
We do appreciate all the prayers on our behalf. It is such a blessing to have so many friends to pray with us. We hope that everyone has a blessed week and weekend.
Much Love and prayer's,
Lori and girls


Sarah Joy said...

Lori, that just breaks my heart for her and you. I will continue to pray. You mentioned that she is on anti-biotics for three months... have you also added a PRO-biotic with it? They are found over the counter in health food stores and most WalMarts. They are made chewable for children. They put the good flora back into the your body that the anti-biotic strips away. I was on anitbiotics for three months this past summer/fall and it meesed my stomach up so much; this really helped to calm it down. Just a thought. I have been meaning to do a post on them and just haven't gotten to it:)

Mindy said...

Oh Little Hannah! She will be in my prayers. Poor little one.

Having to worry about the wetting on top of everything else? My heart goes out to her.

Our family just recently started taking Yeast for our immune systems. I will look up the info on it and let you know more about it tomorrow!

You guys will be in my thoughts and prayers,

Love, Mindy