Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hi Friends,
We hope that you are all well. We have had the yuckys here. Mommy has had a migrane for a few days, so we have been hanging around. Luckily the girls are way ahead in their school work so we can take breaks when needed. Which is a blessing. Hannah is feeling a little better today. She is having a time getting rid of the headach and stomach aches. We are keeping her hydrated as much as possible. Wed, she has an infusion so maybe that will help some. We aren't sure how much longer the infusions will be given, possible that Feb will be her last for now. We haven't seen an improvement with her health issues, the drs were hoping for a big difference in her health. We will know more at the end of Feb. when we return to the immunologist at Children's. Hopefully they can tell us more from the last set of testing they did in Dec. and shed some light on what we can do to help Hannah feel better. It is a day by day thing for her. Some days she feels good, other days she feels yuck, tired and feverish. There is no way to tell how she will feel from day to day. We have managed to stay out of the hospital lately, so that is a blessing. We were last in the first part of Aug. with a virus and dehydrated.
We are doing what we can on a daily basis. One day at a time, small steps. We hope that you all have a blessed weekend.
Much love and Prayer's,
Lori and girls

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