Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nice Day

Hi friends,
We hope that you are all having a blessed day, and week. It flys by... We are doing good, Hannah is having a good week, no fever, and felling better, the rain has helped some, it helps clear the air of all the pollen. She has been walking more, and we took over 6000 steps yesterday. For me 2000 steps are about 1 mile, so I was excited about that. Hannah always beats me, and she had close to 8000 steps yesterday. Wed. are busy for us with school, the grocery shopping, the church in the evening, so it is a good day for walking. We have also taken all the added sugar out of our diets, and using only things with natural sugars in them, like fruit, and that has been good. We are also to drinking over a gallon of water a day each, so that is good. No soda's or sweet tea until after the water is gone. And then only one small cup 4oz. after that, then orange juice or grape juice, and then more water. We are seeing a good change for all of us.
Hannah and Sarah have also gotten a few more pictures lately, thank you to all who are helping them with this project. What a blessing to have so many prayer partners. God is good all the time!!!
Hope that you all have a blessed week.
Much love and Prayers,
Lori and girls


Mary said...

Hi Loriann...I was just wondering if you found that book about Crohn's...I still haven't found it, but I know it's in my shed someplace. Our health food store actually gave them away, so I hope you area ble to get it for free. Drinking water and eliminating sugar is a great step toward good will help Hannah's body regulate and heal. You are such a great mom, Lori. I need to make some adjustments for our family as're an inspiration to me!

Love and hugs to you and your beautiful girls,


TMI Tara said...

Hi Loriann,

I came across something tonight that made me think of you and sweet Hannah. We've decided to try something for my daughter, I26 hyperimmune egg. It is a natural supplement that is supposed to do wonders for lots of things.

Tonight during my research about it, I came across this website, and a testimonial that I26 helped this person immensely with Crohn's. I thought I'd pass it along in case you wanted to look into it, and maybe give it a try.

here's the testimonial I read:

I've used hyperimmune egg, I26, since 2001 for Crohn's disease. I take 2 servings a day. I've been in 'remission' beginning in the 3rd month after starting on it. My doctor was able to reverse my colostomy 5 months after starting using i26. I have almost no abdominal pain anymore, or diahrrea, and sleep through the night. I was at 112 lbs when starting on it, and I'm 5'10". Have been at 165-170 since 2003.

here's the link: