Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday sermons

Hi Friends,
WE hope that you are having a blessed LORD'S day!
Here is the picture of Hannah's new nebulizer... isn't it precious... She loves it...
We enjoyed fellowshiping with others and learned so much Today, it was just what I needed....
One of the main things was in Job, where Job lost everything in a single moment, yet he worshiped God. He made it through and so will we. We just need to keep Jesus our main focus.
God is good!
What did you learn this week? If you would like to read the notes I took today, go to our blog "I am just a vessel".
Have a blessed week.
Much Love and prayers,
lori and girls

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Mary said...

God is indeed good, and worthy to be praised! Praying for Andrew and Hannah. God bless you!