Saturday, November 15, 2008


Hi Friends,
I'd love to tell you something that God did for us today, it was so cool! We were out running errands today, and had meet a friend, and two of her kids. We stopped for some lunch and after we were done, we went to leave. The van wouldn't start. Now those who know the fun we have had with vehicles can understand my frusteration... I mean we haven't had the van long enough to need something so soon. Well I didn't have any jumper cables, and Lonnie was way to busy at work to leave. So my friend Rachel and I started praying... And it started to rain... drizzle... and I was concerned about being stuck, with 5 children in the rain, in the van... hum... not my ideal of fun! Well God sent an angel, of sorts... This big SUV type vehicle drives up and the man rolls down his window and asks if we need any help.... we were so happy. Thank you Jesus was said several times... This football built type of a man, big man, he was black and taller than me, yes I am kindof short, 5'1.... I am here to tell you, it was such a blessing. He gets the van jumped off. While we are waiting to charge the battery enough to make it to Lonnies work, he tells us what happened, He was on his way to the hospital, to see his wife and their new baby girl, and was going to go the interstate, when God told him to go another way, Atlanta highway... He thinks, ok, I'm hungry I'll seee what I can get. Nothing sounds good to him, till he gets all the way to Taylor Rd. he sees KFC and thinks that sounds good... He turns in to the parking lot and what does he see, us stranded.... Isn't our God Awesome!!!!!!
It was such a blessing, we shared our faith, he's family and he are also christians, thank you LORD for sending help in the form of and angel . . . Hehelped out showing geninue love, for a stranger, wow to me that is so awesome... there are no other words for it... WOW !
I never cease to be amazed by God's awesomeness.
I was thinking about it, and he went out of his way to listen to Jesus, I want to be open to God's leading too... I am going to work on my lisening skills...
P.s. Just a note, Angus is better, recovering at home, but please continue to pray for him and Mindy, it is hard to live with a cone around your neck... as well as for Mindy, Angus is pitiful looking....
Hope that you each have a blessed week, have you helped out someone just because?
Do a good deed for someone this week, share Jesus to someone, annonomously, or not, but share Jesus with someone...
Much Love and Prayer's,
Lori and crew

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