Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hannah and Mommy..

Hi frineds,
We hope that you are each doing well, and resting in Gods blessings daily.
We are on the mend, it should take only a few more days to feel better. Hannah is fever free, thank you LORD for the blessings. We have managed to stay home from the hospital this time. Hannah is already asking when her next infusion is, she is ready to feel better. She is smart beyond her years.... she knows that after the infusion she should feel better. Hopefully this time she will have three good weeks..... only time will tell. We are praying that it goes well.
Hannah and Sarah are making their wish list, so they can decide what to do for Christmas... They have already put in to go to the hospital and pass out toys and books to the kids on the pediatrics floor, so we will do all we can to accomplish that. I'm not sure who had more of a blessing last year, the kids or the adults. It was nice to see the sick children light up at a special visit, and the parents were so thatkful. It blessed our hearts to be able to share what small thinks we did have. It goes back to --- wanting others to see Jesus through us. As well as sharing His love with others.
We are also praying about a special project we want to try to do this year. The girls and I are making Christmas cards for shut ins and assisted living homes in the area, and hope that we can make enough to share with several places.... It is a blessing to show the girls that we can bless others with thoughts and prayers, and that Jesus uses us if we are but willing to be used.
We are having a missions confrence coming up and we look forward to meeting new missionaries and to be blessed by the message they bring.
The missions conference is one of the girls and my favorite times at church, we enjoy learning about the different countries that the missionaries will be going to. In History this week we are learning about Fiji, Madagascar, Taiwan, and New Zealand. We will be looking at each for a few days and lear what we can about each. Each of these families are going to be planting churches in the countries they are going to.
So far Madagascar is Sarah's favorite country, and New Zealand is Hannahs. We are going to put together a small notebook on each country and then the girls will ask the missionaries to sign their books. I am looking forward to see what the girls come up with.
We hope that you each have a blessed week. Leaning on the grace of God on a daily basis. Love to all...
Much Love and Prayer's,
Lori and girls

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mjbjer333 said...

Hello! My name is Myrical. I heard about you from Rachel Ochs - we went to college together.

God has blessed me with multiple chronic illnesses which require much rest giving me lots of time to pray - a chronic warrior. (www.chronicwarrior.com) I've been praying for Hannah and you all regularly. Rachel just sent me this link to your blog.

What a blessing to see how God is using you to reach others for Him!

Colossians 4:12!
Myrical Joy