Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blessed Day

Hi Friends,
We hope that you have had a blessed day today, in GOd's house whereever you serve....
I never cease to be humbled by Gods blessings and provisions. What an Awesome God we serve!!!
We have had a great afternoon, Anna is doing good, Hannah feels great and has been helping daddy fix a fence today. Sarah and Anna and I had small naps, and are ready to go again. We strive to be vessels of Honour for Jesus on a daily basis, it has been nice to do that today, God brought a new family into our lives today, the mom wants to homeschool but has not learned how, or what to do to go about it. I was able to talk with her and help her out some. I am thankful God has opened a door for this to be done. I am glad He picked me to help, what a blessing.
We have a busy week, and pray that everyone has a good week ahead. God be with each of you today, and this week.
Much love and prayer's, Lori and girls

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