Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hi Friends,
I am reposting this for those who may have missed it, and any newcommers who would like to help...
Hannah and Sarah are doing a project that will probably take most of the year, and can use the help of you all. There are several ways to help... They are collection pictures and info on each state and Canada and its provinces. They would love to have a picture of each states license plates, as well as any pictures on "Welcome to _________ (state name)ex: "Welcome to Alabama." Any city signs, Welcome to Montgomery, and such. Also any neat info or pictures, like State capital pictures... really anything. They want to make a big notebook to show all they learn.
Thanks for the help thus far, they have severasl pictures comming in.
Much Love and Prayers.
Lori and girls


Sarah Joy said...

we havbe a whole garage full of plate from all the states! My huaband collects them... will take some pictures of them for you soon. As well as look for our Welcome to North Carolina Sign photo from when we moved here!Can I email them or is snail mail the way you wnat them in real hard copy photos?

Mary Moss said...

My husband has quite a few Virginia plates on display in the garage! I'll have him take a shot and get it to you!

What a fun project:-) Glad we can participate.