Monday, August 31, 2009

Hannah Update

Hi Friends,
We are home from Birmingham... Long day. Here is what we know.
Hannah's lung function test was at 82 this afternoon, so they gave her a breathing treatment, then retested her and it was 85. So we are going to do a am and pm treatment and see how she does, and do one in the early afternoon. Also theygot some of the results and she had a possitive IBD (irritable bowel disorder) and possitive crohn's disease. I am not sure that is right, I didn't know they were checking for that, but we will find out more next week, she sees the immunologist on the 9th. Hopefully we will find out more on the lukemia results. I am learning patience... (O:
So we know a little more, and have lots more questions.
We did see a friend as we were leaving, and that was like a hug from God. Also we were able to visit Children's Harbor, which the girls enjoyed so much, we played pool and watched them win at the crane game. It was fun for all of to relax and spend quiet time together before the dr visit.
Thank You for all the prayers, we felt them.
Much Love and prayers,
Lori and girls

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Pia said...

prayed for healing. God is in control. standing in the gap for this precious girl.