Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fun Filled day....

Hi Friends,
We pray you are having a good week. We are, and ready for a restful weekend with Daddy and the girls. Lonnie and I are going to help a neighbor repair a fence, she needs the security it provides.
It got me to thinking, she lives alone, no family here in town, they live in other states. She is older and she doesn't work, outside the home. Her sons are grown and married, her husband long passed. She has no one near to help her. We are all like that, we have families scatered here and there, sometimes we feel alone, with no one to help. God is there waiting to help us, if we just ask. He is there to provide all our needs, He is always with us. He is our security! Safe in the Palm of His hands.
I am secure in knowing that I am going to heaven one day. Are you secure in that knowledge? If not, I would be glad to tell you more and to show you the way.....

On another note, we were able to meet up with Deb, from "One Single Minute." today, what a blessing to spend time with such an encouraging friend. We visited a few local sites, Rosa Parks Museumn and some fountains that are nearby, and enjoyed spending time with the girls. They had fun in the fountains. I was so encouraged by her. The girls and I enjoyed the time out from school and all the busyness? of the week. Anna did pretty well while we were out, and slept and played and seemed to have a good time. Hannah is my navigator when we are out, and Sarah is my question asker. They saw the same things but took them in differently. Hannah remembers the order of events, whereas Sarah remembers that when she saw some of it, she had new questions about why things happened the way they did. I love that they have different learning styles, it makes teaching them so much fun. Hannah liked the fountain and getting wet the best, Sarah liked the history of it all. She then wanted to know when the museumn opened and who helped build it, and why they built it where the did. She spent time on the computer today learning more. Hannah on the other hand had more fun telling Daddy what she did, and that she was not as hot as we were because she was so soaked.
I think the day was a sucess.... Most of all we all had fun.
What are your plans this weekend? I hope that you enjoy time with friends and family, and take time to have lots of fun.
Have a blessed weekend.
Much Love and prayers,
Lori, Hannah and Sarah

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