Thursday, August 27, 2009

words to think on...

Hi Friends,
I hope that your day is going pleasantly well. We were out and about today, and saw a sign that made me stop and think.
It said ...

"Life is not about how to servive the storm,
but how to dance in the rain."

I need Gods provisions to survive the storm, but I am so glad He is teaching me to Dance in the rain. The girls and I took it literal, this afternoon as it rained, we went outside and danced in the rain... a reminder that He is in control. I am so glad He is and it is not left to me to figure out alone. I don't know how people who don't know God make it.

Several people have asked about Hannah and her issues. I am trying to figure out how to add it to the side bar, until then. I'll put it here. So here it is...

Hannah was born Dec. 29, 1999, she was 6'8 not to small, like Sarah who was 3'15oz. Hannah was a little early, but was good. The drs found a heart murmur quickly, but felt it would heal in time. We went home and waited. We saw a specialist in Birmingham at Childrens hospital and found out that she has pulmonary valve stonosis, too. She had her first heart surgery at 4 months old. She did well, and we weren't really concerned about it. Well the year she turned 5 she started getting sick a lot. Then by K5 she was sick every few weeks. She has fever every few days, then no fever for several days, then fever again. This goes on and on for 4 years. Even now it is every few days fever, then no fever. She has allergies, when a mesquito bites her she bruises and it swells up like a quarter. She has a nebulizer at home and does three treatments a day in the winter, spring and fall, and none in the summer. She has a sleep disorder, at night there is to much brain activity for her body to rest, she sleep walks, talks, and trys to take baths and eat. All while asleep. She has had migranes since she was 2, and has an immune disorder called hypogammagoblunemia -CVID, which is a primary immune disorder. She gets IVIG infusions every 4 weeks. She has psorisis, skin disorder, and the arthritis that goes with it, and she has ezema. And now the drs are 90% sure she has lukemia. They sent her blood work to Cinncinatti Childrens, and the machine was broken, so they resent it, and we should know by Sept. the results of that. So there is never a dull moment in our days.
But through it all we are confident that God has us in the palm of His hands. We are a little scared, but we know that this is just a small bump in the road compared to eternity.

I hope that ths helps, if you have any questions, please ask. I'll be glad to answer what I can.

Thank you for your prayers, we appreciate it very much.
Have a blessed day.
Much Love and Prayers,
Lori and girls


Andrea said...

Thank you for sharing the details of Hannah's life. I am praying and I am going to post Hannah's prayer button on my blog. I am also going to post a prayer request for Hannah as a post with a link back to you. I have many followers who are prayer warriors.
Blessings and prayers, andrea

Andrea said...

I have posted a prayer request on arise 2 write with a link back to your blog. Thank you for giving us the privilege of praying for Hannah and your family.

Debra said...

Coming over from Andrea's blog and will begin to pray for your beautiful Hannah!

Big ((hugs))!

RCUBEs said...

Came here through sis Andrea's blog. Just prayed for you and your daughters, especially Hannah. May the Lord continue to guide you all, comfort you and cover you with His strength, love and grace. Blessings to you.

LisaShaw said...

I saw a prayer button done for you on Rich Gifts by my friend Edie and clicked on it and read about Hannah. I've visted Hannah's site as well and left her a little message.

I'm praying for your precious daughter and for your family.

Psalm 27:13-14

May the blessings of the LORD rest with you.

Mich said...

Hopped on over from Andrea's blog.

You are in my prayers...

blushing rose said...

I am lifting Hannah in prayer thru Andrea's blog request.

May Hannah & your family be lifted by the healing hand of the Almighty.
I am also asking st. Jude, helper of the helpless, to intercede in Hannah's behalf. Bless you all.


Cathy said...

Oh, Dear, bless your heart. I am praying for God's healing touch and for a good report. Andrea told me about your urgent prayer request.

Loren said...

Will be praying for you and Hannah....The Lord is our Great Physician and praying for his healing virtues to flow through Hannah

bless you all!

Anita C. McCants said...

Coming over from Andrea's
blog. I am praying for a
miracle. God bless you all.


Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

I have come over from Andrea's blog and I am touched by your story. I too will pray for Hannah and your family. I will also post Hannah's button on my two blogs and link back to you. God be with you and give you strength each day, as you continue to 'Dance in the rain.'


Mary Moss said...

Thank you sweet one, for sharing Hannah's story. I found your blog through Andrea, and I am so glad I did!

I smiled at the fact that you and the girls literally danced in the rain.

What an amazing statement about how we must make the best of each and every situation and moment in our lives.

I've added Hannah's prayer button to my sidebar at