Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hello again

Hi friends, wow, have we missed all of you. We are back on track now, and had a good quiet summer. The girls are well, and ready for homeschool to start, we did start on Monday. They are both off to a great start.
Let me see, where has the time gone.... summer was good for Hannah and she has only a few small issues that will resolve over the next few weeks.
Hannah attended her first slumber party, and did happen to stay awake most of the night... thank you Anna for the build a bear party, and lots of fun. She did come home covered in bug bites, but they are healing nicely..... (O:
Fevers here and there, but nothing to major, and no hospital visits lately.... Thank you Jesus...
Sarah also has been doing well. growing like a weed. (O:
Not much else is new, just keeping busy and waiting on God's timing.
Upcoming appointments are:
Hannah, Aug. 31, Birmingham, we will be seeing a new pulmonary dr, so that will be interesting.
Hannah Sept. 11th, not sure if we will need to keep this, but pretty sure, we should find out the results of all of Hannah's latest test, and if she has lukemia or not. We are fully trusting God on this..... it is all in his devine hands.
We should also find out if we will continue the IVIG treatments.

We appreciate all your prayers. What a blessing!
Much love and Prayers
Lori and girls


Mindy said...

Hi girls!! Summer sure does fly when your having fun doesn't it!? We've also had a wonderful summer. Though we are still in limbo with the house and job situation, we do what we can to make ends meet every month and pray that God has a plan for us =)

Thanks for stopping by today!!


Deb said...

So glad to have you back!!
We, too, have begun our homeschool year...but I keep thinking this is my very last year.....(BIG sigh)
Will keep Hannah lifted up in prayer.

Deb said...

By the way...I'm going to be in Montgomery Thursday night and Friday (20&21). Hubby has a conference with the health dept. Might be an opportunity to meet if you are able??